April 2010

'Blood for the Gods/Human Sacrifice' has now been aired. I was pleased I was asked to appear on the programme, even if at many points while watching it I was wishing more could have been said to back up the views of myself and the other academics involved. For instance the reconstructed rite involving 'Freyr and Nerthus', although visually interesting, needed to be backed up with more of the research - it wasn't enough to hint that Tacitus had mentioned such a rite, as he patently does not!

I am now back at my summer job, working as a custodian at Richborough Roman Fort near Sandwich, Kent. I am hoping for time this season to begin making notes for my University of Kent course for 2010/11 which is entitled 'The Age of Stonehenge'. This will kill two birds with one stone - not only filling in the gaps in my knowledge ready for a series of guided tours of Wessex I hope to be doing next year - but also providing research time for my 'River of Milk' book which has been on the backburner for a few months.

I love this time of year, when you start to get the first long sunny days, and I always get the urge to pack my tent and head off for Stonehenge or Avebury. Last year I slept in the Avebury avenue in just my sleeping bag under the night sky and woke to see a barn owl flitting about the stones. It was truly magical. This year I am heavily commited to Richborough in April, and so am praying for a glorious May when hopefully I can get a run of days off and go and explore some of the sites I'll be reading about over the next few weeks.