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Dr John Grigsby

John is a lecturer and author in the fields of archaeology and myth. He received his doctorate in 2019 for his investigation into the mysterious henge monuments of Prehistoric Britain, which he demonstrated were aligned on the Milky Way, identified in this period with a long-forgotten goddess of death and rebirth. His work both reconstructs the lost myth of this Neolithic goddess and the probable function of the henges and stone circles. 

He will be teaching a course based on this topic in Broadstairs, Kent from March 2020. Click here for details.

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I'm pleased to present a link to the website of Jeremy Taylor, whose archaeoastronomical work on ancient sites in Suffolk is really fascinating stuff!

In January 2020 John will be appearing on Channel 4's landmark archaeology series 'Bone Detectives'

On February 1st John will be lecturing at Oxford University on the topic of henges as part of a weekend entitled: 

Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland: Prehistoric and Roman

Click HERE for details