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John Grigsby

"I suppose my interest in ancient man and his beliefs began in earnest around the age of ten when having read of the 'barrow-downs' in Tolkien I was fascinated to find the hills around my home in Dover dotted with such barrows - prehistoric burial mounds - or tumuli as they appeared on maps. One day, visiting such a site near the village of Temple Ewell, I sat on the mound and tried to imagine what life had been like for its long-deceased occupant, when it struck me that he had been born long before Christianity had reached these shores. Was he, then, in hell, for surely this pagan, this unbeliever had never heard of Christ? Even as a ten year old I didn't think this fair and was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of compassion and a desire to know all about our pre-Christian ancestors. What kind of gods did they know? What kind of afterlife, if any, I began to ask myself, had they believed in? What hopes to lift them out of their short, hard lives?  

In essence my books reflect my search for the answer to this childhood question - what did our ancestors believe? But it is a search that has as much to do with our future as our past; for perhaps by looking at their beliefs and their relationships to eachother and to the natural world we can discover something that we moderns have lost - and perhaps, after all, such beliefs once held by our ancestors may somehow offer us hope."  

                                                                                         September 2009